Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cold n' Wet....ick

Rode home from work yesterday and it was not nearly as satisfying as I'd hoped. For some reason racing in the rain doesn't bother me too terribly much, but commuting last night stunk.

50 minutes into the wind and the cold rain was not fun. I had a rain coat, but it only kept my torso warm while the rest of me got soaked. Maybe it's the fact that there's no big prize in it.. or that there are no bragging rights in commuting in foul weather, but I was pretty miserable on my way home. And I know people tough out way worse conditions than I do, so Cheers to them!

Didn't keep me from sleeping in an extra hour and driving the Cruck to work today instead. This is nappin' weather.... and 4 o'clock can't come fast enough! :O)

And to top it off, I got warm, snuggly boy to come home to. Oh, yeah, and the dog too.

Stay warm & dry!
Kristy Kreme

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