Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I love my new bike!

This weekend I got to rock the new Salsa Chili Con Crosso 2 days straight. This bike replaced my old Primativo, and I can barely contain the excitement when I'm on it. Not only is the wheelbase significantly longer and the toe-overlap gone, it's light and wicked responsive!!

Hwood built it up for me with a super aggressive dropped stem position to imitate my road position. On top of that, it feels like it's a continuation of myself, responding gracefully w/ every shift of my body weight and turn of the wheel. Anyways, enough wazzing out....

So, Sunday I took ole Sassy Frassy out to Hudson for the Big Ring Flyer. My only goal was to hang with Zoe, hoping to take 2nd to her if I could in the end since she's been beating up on the women in our field all season so far.

From the blow of the whistle, I launched my attack, holding on as long as I could. Before I knew it, the field was splintered and stretched out in a single file line behind me through the twists and turns.With every ounce of energy I had, I kept launching attacks and tried to keep the pace high as Zoe stayed steadily on my wheel and Terra threatened us both in third.

With only 2 laps to go, Terra started to fade, but Zoe came around me as fresh as a daisy. Worried, I attempted to mark her every move while I frantically tried to recover before she could sneak away. Around a sharp right turn, Zoe lost her traction and went down. I delicately steered around her head and slowed my pace, encouraging Zoe to get up and get on my wheel. Seconds later, I realized I was racing, and focused back on the task at hand: GO!!!

At every opening, I was out of the saddle and charging as hard as I could. Flying over the barriers. Pedaling through every corner.

I did everything I could not to let up....and when I came to the final stretch, I was all alone. I raised up my arm in a salute to my hubby (still working on the no-handed riding on grass).
I still can barely believe that I pulled it off! B1+ch, Puh-LEEZ!

pinching myself,
Kristy Kreme

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