Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't Cross in pearls!

Theo Wirth CX was awesome again this year, falling on my first wedding anniversary, just yards from where we said "I do". The weather was much cooler this year, and the hangover less severe, so anything was possible.

With minutes to the start, we toed the line, with the majority of the women in back (since we've had a separate start and call-ups each race). Unlucky for us, they reduced it to a mass start w/ riders getting pulled if they were lapped - no matter by who or when. We were in a tizzy to say the least (but I'm not one to say who's to blame - it was what it was.....and I think it actually helped me!). Us ladies are pretty used to getting lapped by the male leaders, so it was disheartening to think we wouldn't get to ride the full race.

But the bonus of it was: it made me ride like a freak off the leash! I tore through the trails lap after lap at my threshold, desperately trying to stay away, begging for time splits from the men's leader to make sure I was doing okay. Being it was my anniversary, I donned my veil and a string of pearls to dress it up a bit. [NOTE: long necklaces should not be worn when much oxygen is needed and there's enough jostling to tangle them in a tight loop around your neck.... not easy to breathe!!!!]
(pic thanks to skinnyski)

Fortunately, the threat was enough to get me to the finish line in first for my category!!! Still, I came in behind the Junior Dynamo, but I'll never complain. I rode my veil off and loved the moment I got to solute my hubby and cross the line w/ the arm in the air! Love ya babe - thanks for being the best hubby, coach, teammate, and friend in the world!

Kristy Kreme

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