Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gotta love the Rotten-Apple-Splattered Downtube!

Saturday was the Baker Orchard CX race out in WI. The day was absolutely GORGEOUS - cool, crisp, and sunny, making the apple orchard course a dream come true. The course was flat and wove between the orchard rows and along some wooded trails. With a new cross bike, and my old one built up as a single-speed, I decided to double up and do back-to-back races.

The first race, women's 4, started fast and furious. I fudged my start by not getting clipped in until I had dropped back to 6th or 7th place after a call-up start. By the time I got my rhythm on, I got blocked at the first barrier and watched the lead 2 women ride away into the shadows. I tried to find them, but only moved myself into third, never finding a way to close the gap.

At one section with a long out-n-back, I could see the ladies far in front of me, but never had the gas to throw down a couple insane laps to bridge it. My teammate, Points, and I worked together to the finish to take 2nd and 3rd in the Women's 4's. Terra-the-Jet took first, and Zoe the Junior Dynamo, whooped us all yet again.

But hell, I loved every minute of it! And what fun is the weekend if you're not ridin over fallen apples and partyin' it up on the podium like this?.....
Yeah, that's right... like Ice Cube said "today was a good day"

Ridin and rhymin
Kristy Kreme

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