Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wood Wedding Update

So, we've finally got the placed booked n' ready to rock!
What better place for a pair of cyclist who love to CX ski to tie the knot than Theodore Wirth Ski Chalet??

Now if only we could get our hands on a bicycle sidecar and a double surrey or two, we'd be set to ride off into the sunset for a rockin' reception. If anyone has an in, let me know. We'll be riding in style come October 2008, wedding garb n' all.

Super-plannin' a super bash,
Kristy Kreme


scott said...

Oh that is gonna make for a sweet photo.

CB said...

WOW that place is gorgeous! And if I knew what the heck you were talking about side car surrey?!?! I would look, I am sure Steve knows, I am surrounded by biking fanatics :)

KK said...

Is the Queen of Sheeba still in service? That ride has a bad ass sidecar.

D-Train & Booms said...

So are ya going to invite some old friends or are we going to have to sit by the trail with a bottle of Jamison watchin from afar?