Sunday, December 9, 2007

Skiin' & Party Crashin'

Jay and I waited until it got over 10 degrees yesterday before we layered up and headed to Theodore Wirth for Round 2 of CX skiing already this year. Last year we really didn't have any snow til February, so I only got to get out 3 times. As one could imagine, it felt like it was the first time all over again. Even our night-ski earlier this week with Timmer & Stickman wasn't enough to bring back what little experience I have. Oh well, maybe we'll actually have a snowy winter to ski this year!
Sure, I look like an albatross on skis, but it's a silly fun time. And Jay, as always, is so patient with me as I learn. Man, at times I still can't believe he's real. Shouting encouragements along the trails, laughing and taking pictures when I fall.....I am so in love!So, after a quick and chilly workout, we headed home for some hot food in front of the fireplace (aka space heater). After a little R&R, we loaded up in the Cruck to pick up the boys for some fun! Jay and I picked up Mean Dog and Vegas, and headed to Canada (aka Andover) to crash the LSC party at Dominator's new pad!

We caught a few people off guard when we walked through the door, but I think the cases of beer paved the way for a rockin' good time.Some good laughs & a whole lotta beer paved the way for some INSANE antics that night. Picture Vegas & Pete Hannah in a Slap war......followed up by the Dominator takin' on Mean Dog!!! Unreal! Hit up Hwood's site for my video tribute by clicking HERE.

After a great night and a long a$$ drive home, we were all pretty pooped...

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