Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Candle-lit' dinner alfresco

One of my favorite times while on a recent vacation in Chattanooga was enjoying all of our meals alfresco on the picnic table next to the Scamp.  Each evening as the sun began to set, me, Jay, and Rosco would take our fresh-cooked meals outside and dine in the cool evening air, not wanting the warm temps to fade.

Tonight, Jay surprised me with an awesome re-creation I can't wait to repeat.

After work tonight, we buzzed home quickly to prep for a great night ride on our 9Zero7's at the MN River Bottoms.  As I gathered up all my layers and thermal gear, Jay prepared dinner... my favorite fajita burritos with DL Jardines marinade.. YUM!  As the smell filled our quaint home, I wanted more and more to bag the ride and just dive into dinner but, instead, he wrapped each burrito in tinfoil and threw them into our bags of riding gear.

We loaded up the bikes and headed out to the River Bottoms.  Once there, we headed East on some super-packed trails.  Skinnies could have definitely railed tonight, but once you went off-trail, you found yourself in snowcone material for sure.

We hauled a$$ for a good 20-30 minutes, guided by our lights and the full moon's light.  The only sound within the darkness was our own breathing and the tires ripping through the snow.  Jay led the way and set a fast pace as I held on his wheel as best I could to keep my training going.

Off in the distance we saw the glow of a fire back in the woods and heard voices calling out to us.  We found their foot tracks off to the side and followed them back into the woods, happy to find our friends manning an awesome bonfire.
We pulled out our burritos and warmed them back up via the fire, ready to feast after the sweet ride, in the company of a handful of friends. We sat for a good hour, telling dirty jokes and crazy stories... my favorite was Pete Schow's recount of his first & last VO2 Max test... it will forever influence my racing!
Warmed by the fire, we had a blast enjoying the night's breeze and the snow that melted at our feet.  There was noone for miles and our laughter filled the air as we sat on fresh cut logs and turned the branches in the coals.

We headed out some time before 9:00 to get a little more riding in before returning home to the puppy.  The full moon was a beautiful gold as it hung on the far side of the river so we had to stop for a picture.

Once back to the lot, we loaded up the car quickly and headed home for a warm shower and puppy kisses.  Jay and I have had a lot of fun impromptu dinners over the years, but this one easily became one of the best ones yet.  Simple, delicious, and full of fun..

JJ, Thank you for filling my heart and my belly after all these years!
Love & frosty kisses,
Kristy Kreme

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