Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homeward Bound: The Oakley Adventure

On our recent adventure in Louisville for Cyclocross Worlds, I was the unfortunate soul who lost her new sunglasses when I fell down a slick and muddy hill.  We returned the next day to see if we could find them, but when we arrived, we found that the river had begun swallowing up the race course... no glasses to be found.
Bummed out, we returned to our campsite to spend a day doing laundry and preparing for the next week of our adventure down in Chattanooga.  We snuggled in the camper and watched the Super Bowl, then turned in early to prepare for the next day's drive.

To break up the 5 hour drive, we pit-stopped in Nashville to check out the Willie Nelson Museum.  We were surprised and elated when we pulled into the lot to find the Dukes of Hazzard Museum was right next door!  We had to get some fun pics with Rosco since the Dukes favorite sheriff was the inspiration for his name.
 Jay and Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane

Rosco was hanging out with Willie..

We had a great time, but were super excited to get moving towards our final destination... Chattanooga!  We arrived around 5:00, just in time to set up camp in our lil' treehouse style campsite, and get in 20 minutes on the bikes to roll out the legs after all the time in the car.  The 1-mile climb up to the campground at the end of our ride hurt like a biscuit, but it was fun to chill in the evening air and let out a uber relaxed breath as we soaked in the realization that our vacation was truly beginning.

As we relaxed in the camper that evening, I logged onto Ebay to see if I could find a similar pair of my missing Oakleys, rather than purchase them again at full price.  Much to my surprise, I found a new auction posted, starting at $0.99!  I added it to my Watch List, and told Jay to remind me in a couple days to check on them again.  "Where are they shipping from?" he asked.  "Cincinnati, OH".  "That's 2 hours from Louisville.  Ask if they're yours" Jay urged.  

Nah... there was no way they were mine.  And what if me asking will make them that much hotter of a commodity that it will drive up the price?  Nah.

A couple days went by and I kept checking on them, no bids... used... no case.  "Ask if they're yours" Jay pushed harder.  Hmmm... they were posted at 2:00AM the day after I lost them... couldn't hurt to ask, right?  So, I sent the seller a message:  "Random question... is there anyway these were found at CX Worlds in Louisville, KY?".

I was shocked when I received a message back asking me to send a picture of myself and to describe how and where I lost them, and then the seller would let me know if they were mine.  NO WAY!  I sent him a shot of my with the glasses on my head (my FAVORITE one from the race, by J. Corcoran) and described the muddy slide down the hill.  

Not 12 hours later, I checked ebay again to find the auction had been closed.. and there was a message in my inbox!  "You fell right in front of me.  I bent down to pick up your glasses, but when I looked up again, you were gone."

WTF!?  I sent the seller my address and was elated when I got a text from my hubby to let me know they'd arrived!  How the... what the.... oh my!  I can't believe I actually got my sunglasses back.  What are the odds?  I probably should have bought a lottery ticket that day, but I was just so very excited.  

Thank you NorwalkOH!!!!  You're the best!  You made a MN girl extremely happy!  

Reunited and it feels so good, 
Kristy Kreme

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