Monday, March 4, 2013

DNF Rules the Night

Friday night was the latest installment of DNF shows and, by far, the best one yet!  Woodshop opened with a great set and it was fun to rock out to them as Club Underground at Spring Street steadily filled up with all our favorite bikers and rockers.
 The crowd that turned out was the largest I'd ever seen take over the Spring Street before... it was awesome!  And DNF was on fire.  As Hollywood put it, they're "the sloppiest band in the Midwest", but all the late night practicing proved to be paying off.  They put on the tightest show to date and had the crowd jammin' and singing along.

Jay kept losing his glasses and the crowd got to see his metal-crazed eyes for the first time at any show. Crossmax loved it!  As the songs came and went, more beverages were doled out and the "action" portion of the show increased as Hollywood moved around the stage and attempted to take a non-wireless mic into the crowd. By the end, the whole crowd was having a blast, the carpet on the stage was soaked, and there were mics and mic-stands strewn all about.
4130 followed them up, and Brauer put it best when he started with "Thanks to DNF for making the stage all sticky for us!".  They kept the show going til the end of the night and had a blast.  To top off the already awesome night, we took G-Money & Bill home with us to crash out with pizza and Hangover 2.  Jay woke us the next morning with hot coffee, corn beef hash, and eggs before enticing us with a late day fat bike ride at the River Bottoms.
 The air was cool and the trail a little slushy and icy in spots, but it was an awesome follow up to the previous night's rockin'.  Chucker, G-Money, KK, Hollywood, and I were flying along the trail in the beautiful sunlight, laughing at one another when we fell (without injury), and taking breaks along the trail to just chill out and enjoy the afternoon.
 After a good two hours on the trail, we loaded the bikes back up and returned home for hot food and showers, having successfully enjoyed the day.  I have never ridden my bike so much in the winter before, but the 9Zero7 from my loving hubby has made winter more fun than ever!  Thank you babe!
 It's days like these that make it hard to hope for an early spring... cuz I'm just having WAY too much fun.  Today's snow is gonna be fun!

Thanks to DNF for rocking my ass, thanks to the boys for letting me ride along, and to my hubby who makes it all happen.. I love you, JJ!

Itchin' to Ride,
Kristy Kreme

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