Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scamp-venture 15: Rockin' Birthday in our lil Home away from Home

Hwood and I played hooky from work on Friday for a nice long weekend away to celebrate my birthday. We loaded up the Scamp with all our camping and mountain bike gear, grabbed the puppy, and headed south to the Bay City Campground for a great weekend of R&R with Devin, Anna, Pip & Rocket.

We arrived first to find our campsite to be right on the harbor (picture on their website was from the site we had!). We parked the car, opened the camper doors, unloaded the chairs and proceeded to lounge away as we waited for the fam to arrive on a beautiful Friday afternoon. Rosco was AWESOME - lounging lazily on his blanket and chewing on toys as we relaxed and let the weeks worries melt away.
Room with a view..
Once the full crew arrived, our camp was on! Devin & Anna set up a great bonfire and we chilled as we ate dinner and basked in the light of the tiki torches as the sun set on this midsummer night. Jay couldn't resist a lil "Roxanne" mock when a hot dog plunged onto the sandy beach before making it to the plate...

Come Saturday, we all lounged around with little to do (AWESOME!), slowly building up to an afternoon pre-ride of Sunday's mountain bike course in Red Wing just across the river. The course was awesome and we had a great time checking it out although the falling rain kept us from taking a 2nd lap.

We returned to our campsite for more relaxing, and even squeaked in some time with pending Scamp remodeling on our list - Jay finished the new flooring, black carpet as well as an awesomely zebra-striped step! I took some time to finish the white trim on the last window.
We had an awesome time chillin' out with our friends, playing frisbee, roasting 'mallows, and just enjoying the great outdoors. Thanks again for getting us out!!!!
Our lil home away from home
Grown boys racin cars on the beach
Cute lil Rosco P Coltrane relaxing in Scamp during his first Scamp-venture

Come Sunday morning, we were almost a lil too chill to race, but we saddled up anyways. The Pip rode awesome, finishing 3rd overall of the Expert/Pro women and winning her age group. I tried to hold up my end of the deal, taking 4th overall, 1st in my age group. Devin rode hard for 7th overall, 2nd Pro. Hollywood had a rough crash early in his race, so he hung out for a bit and waited for me to come around, and casually rode a Happy Birthday lap with me before finishing his race. It was super awesome when Jake, Alye, and Dana sang happy birthday to me as I ran up one of the hills on the course - thanks guys, you made my day!

Most of all, thanks to my super duper awesome hubby-extraordinare for another amazing birthday! I love you babe! And I love sharing in all of our camping and biking adventures with you and Rosco!

Happily Basking in my Birthday Memories,
Kristy Kreme

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