Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle, Rosco!

Smokey made such an imprint on our hearts, I know we'll never forget him or get over missing him. Jay was so haunted by the silence in the shop, that it wasn't long before we started talking about finding another puppy to love. Luckily, my birthday is right around the corner, so it gave him the perfect 'in' to start looking.

On Saturday, we got up early, loaded up the bikes, and headed south to Cochrane, WI in search of a new lil man to care for. Randy Dienger of Dienger's Dachshunds was a wealth of knowledge of his puppies, telling us about their bloodlines and personalities as we bathed in the sunshine in the midday sun. After an hour +, and 1/2 dozen puppies playing in our laps, we fell in love with a sweet lil red brindle male (AKA tiger stripes!) and couldn't leave without him. At 9 1/2 weeks of age, this lil monster was definitely the lil Rosco we were looking for. We know Smokey can never be replaced, but we still have so much love to give and wanted to give another dog a happy life.

So, we did it! We loaded up the car with lil ole Rosco P. Coltrane and headed home, stopping at the Nelson cheese factory for lunch, then off to the Red Wing Memorial Park for some laps on the trail. Me, I was happy hanging with the new puppy, building his trust and snuggling his furry lil neck.
Extreme Close Up!!!
He's a natural with a mountain bike

So, in true Hwood form, we took him out to his first race some 24 hours after we adopted him, showing him the world of mountain biking at Sunday's Afton Alps. Since we had a dinner deadline to meet and an extremely cuddly new puppy, I held off on racing and just played with the pooch and gave Jay hand-ups instead. Hwood rode awesome and it was great to see him shine as me and the puppy got some sun and enjoyed the day outside. Lucky for me, all the sun and excitement left me with a sleepy puppy..
Check out those tiger stripes!
Hwood, of course, couldn't resist joining the trends and Tweeted his wiener..

Although my heart still aches for Lil Smokey, I'm happy to think that everything he taught us will help make this puppy's world that much better. I can't wait to find you on the Rainbow Bridge, Lil Smokey! Until then, your pappa and I will do our best to raise Rosco in your honor.

Happy to love again,
Kristy Kreme

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