Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nite Nite Smokey

For those of you who knew him, count yourself blessed. He was one of the most amazing things in my life... Lil Smokey died suddenly last night, and left Jay and I with huge gaping holes in our hearts. He was our traveling partner, a snuggler, a kisser, a jester, an athlete, our baby. He died suddenly on June 8, 2011 well before his time. This is the puppy we remember and morn with every ounce of our beings. You will be missed more than you know! Until I can get my thoughts together, I will leave you with this and just say 'until next time'....

Kristy 'Mamma' Kreme


Me said...

I heard this and I am bummed out to say the least. I will miss that little wiener he had personality. My heart goes out to you and Jay for your loss.

Dana said...

Oh No! Im so sorry Kristy!

epicmtbrider said...


My boys and I are so sorry to hear about Smokey. Our hearts go out to you and Jay.
Life is a very precious and fragile thing. It can be taken away from us at any time.
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero!


webhed38 said...

I heard at the track on Friday. I'm so sorry. Not many single track wieners around! Missed you guys at the wrong side BBQ.
Feelin for ya


Jim said...

Our deepest condolences. Its hard to lose a dachshund or any dog, especially way too early in their life.

Nancy Schmidt said...

Ah, Kristy! I am so sad to hear about Smokey. I only met him twice at TNT. Wonderful little guy, loving and broken hearted "parents". What a beautiful video you made. He was blessed to be in your family.