Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tour de France, Hollywood has arrived!

This ain't just a shameless plug for my favorite, one and only true love.... this is one bitchin' shout out to my favorite bike shop and some killa gorilla marketing!

So, not only did we see THIS to kick off Day One of the Tour de France (Tuffy rules!)...

But none other than Frankie Andreu was sporting the best tshirt in his interview..

Jay gave him the shirt during the 2008 Nature Valley Grand Prix before the DT crit - three years later, he chose to pack it in his suit case before headin' to the TdF!

Oh yeah, and did I mention THIS interview, too!

We may not be there, but Hollywood's spirit sure is. Bitch, please!

Wish we were there, but having so much fun playing Where's Waldo from home :o)

Kristy Kreme

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