Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rotten Friday Turns Out Surly

So, yesterday I battled through the Rule-of-3 in a matter of 8 hours.... I should have never left that morn.

To kick it off, I botched a mini presentation I had to give at my new job in front of the VP of my Dept (ONE) . Sure, I still have my job, but in a market like this, I'm doing everything I can to impress my company so they forget I'm the new kid. Yes, it was minor and I'm probably uber hard on myself, but it still kicked off the day wrong.... especially before I even got my coffee.

Afterwards, I returned to my desk and called my hubby to inform him of how it went. But when he got on the phone, I knew something was wrong when I heard a PA system in the backgroud - I knew he was supposed to be on the road at that time, so I had to ask. Turns out he was on the road but in the middle of cruising along, the engine quit and the poor lil Cruck sputtered to a stop on the side of the road. Hours later, the local shop determined that the lil Cruck's engine blew.... (TWO) Didn't need that! A couple hours (and a couple hundred dollars) later, Hwood was hooked up with a rental car and back about his business.

Close to the same time, an IT guy came to my office to replace some board in my computer. Lucky for me, when he put it all back together again, the processor blew and now THAT won't even start back up! (THREE) So, Friday afternoon with all kinds of stress on my mind, add to it being completely worthless at work without a computer, I call our Tech Dept to ask what they can do to help...oh, but we don't have loaner computers..... WTF??? So, I stared at my desk and tried to find something to fill the last hour of my day.

Exactly at 4:00, I punched out and crossed my fingers for a safe trip home. I turned off all the lights, grabbed a blanket and curled up on the couch. At 8:15pm my mind must have finally relaxed and I groggily rose to my feet and prepared to go out with some friends and decompress. Crossmax and Chelley picked me up at 10:00 to catch the latest and greatest installments of Surly Jones at Lee's, complete with the Surly $25,000 Pyramid - unrated version.
With topics like "Things you put in your mouth" and "Celebrities with drug addictions", it was the best way to start my decompression. Not long after, they returned to the stage and proceeded to rock the house. After a beer, I ran to join Teri and Kim on the dance floor, hell-bent on forgetting the day's woes.
Sweaty and smiling as each song went on, I got closer and closer to being free of my worries. And by the end of the show, all of it had ebbed away. Surly Jones always puts on a good show, and is sure to entertain any laid-back, fun seeker. Thanks for taking the pain away - you guys rock!

Super-fan, roadie, stalker....
Kristy Kreme

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