Sunday, January 10, 2010

Belated Holiday Reminiscing

The holidays this year were perfect! Not only did my super awesome new employer give me tons of paid time off, but I got to see all my parents, siblings, and in-laws as I wanted...the best Christmas gift I got.

We kicked off the fun with dinner at my mom's and great family bonding time and tasty pasta dinner.
Then we headed off to my dad's house a couple nights later to see my family and enjoy a couple hours of good food and laughs. My step-mom found a wicked KISS snuggie for Jay and even Dad couldn't resist trying it on.We then traveled to Jay's parents' place to continue the fun. His bro & sis-in-law joined us and we kept the fun and excitement going. Jay got me a new sewing machine for Christmas and we continued the snuggie fun rollin' by sewing custom snuggies for John and the 'rents.
For those last minute holiday needs, we found that Walgreens has the answer...
Yeah, needless to say, we partied on!

Happy Holidays to all!
Kristy Kreme

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