Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home Work

The pain of being part of a cycling household, is looking at all the tire marks on the walls of our all-white entry way. So, today I decided I was finally going to paint it.

Before.... plain, white, boring. Especially since every room has color on the walls... 'yellow bicycle', 'red bicycle', and 'celeste' fill the walls in most of the house.

So, today, I donned my old sweats and a ratty tshirt and got nuts! It was awesome, and I'm loving it! What car?
Now, in a couple weekends, we'll rip out the old nappy carpet in the entry and replace it with some beautiful slate and earth colored tiles... I can't wait.

Ah, home.
Kristy Kreme

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hwood said...

looks great can't what ta get home!