Monday, June 22, 2009

Playmobil Hates Cyclists

My hubby & I spent the past weekend in Iowa visiting family. Imagine our surprise as we casually walked into the mall toy store after our AM coffee, to find a viscous scene...

As we meandered through the toys and stuffed animals, Jay came across a Playmobil set that said it all. See for yourself:
The poor cyclist, mowed down on their cute little yellow bike.... the EMT who moonlights at the Velvet Room....and zoom in and check out the doors on the ambulance... All you can read is "lance".....what are they trying to say?

Cyclist, beware - there maybe little plastic figurines out there ready to mow you down in the middle of your leisurely ride!


Homme said...

That is fuc%ed! $50?? I wouldn't pay more than $29.95 for that thing.

parental guidance said...

Well at least she has a " helmet" on.

hmm, come to think of it so does the doctor.