Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nature Valley Grand Prix Fun

This year's NVGP was a great time - so many fast racers, the local hometown heroes and heroines that didn't disappoint, and all the partyin made it well worth the running around and stayin' up til all hours of the night.
The St. Paul Crit is always a fave, gettin together with my favorite race-lovin friends and checkin out all the action. But, even better this year, was the Uptown Crit! Sure, we weren't able to scream off the top of Brits Pub this year, but we were able to hoof it to the race and return home for a killer backyard rager afterwards. Even some of the racers took time away from resting to dine on some tasty vittles and party with us in the backyard!

Caveman rocked the grill!
A few local yokels
MeanDog enjoyin the grub ------- Kaity & Me

After washin' down some 110 pieces of meat with 100+ beers, we closed out the night with a midnight mosh pit and stumbled off to bed without incident or mess. We cleaned up so well before the party closed that there was nothin to pick up come sunrise. It was awesome.

The only bummer was waking up with a killer hangover. Everytime I tried to stand, I broke into a sweat....and I had a race to get ready for. Ick. Somehow, after some coffee and gingerly eaten toast, my system began to recover and I was able to suit up for the afternoon criterium. The sun was high and hot but the race was amazing. The zig-zag course was AWESOME and I got a sweet jump at the beginning of the race, coming through the first lap in first. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hold on to it as Heidi Dahlman passed me just a couple laps into the race, and at such a pace I just couldn't jump on.
Madone and Swigs caught up to me soon and we TT'd it to the finish as a team, sealing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!!! Since Swigs took 2nd, me in 3rd, and Madone in 4th, we pooled the cash prizes and split it evenly. It was great teamwork and a ton of fun. Thanks, Mankato! Hope you have the same course next year!!!

Kristy Kreme

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