Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hellians Unleashed

Saturday was a perfect day for racing, and the Black n' White didn't hesitate to take Mother Nature up on it. Hwood and I headed out early for the East Union Circuit Race, a short, fast, and relatively flat race with a lot of sun and wind.

In the AM race, Hwood through down some major effort in the middle of a NVGP-hungry pelaton. As a qualifying race, it amped up the energy and intensity BIG time. Though I missed the finish on account of readying myself for my own race, my super-fast hubby rocked an amazing 12th place finish!!! I'm so proud of you baby!! Now, with only one more qualifier to go, Hwood's sittin cool in the top 8 for the composite team....

As for our race, the ladies had a great time rockin' out some team tactics with near-textbook precision for the first time. With only 18+ miles to race, we knew we had to be smart, especially when dealing w/ some intense winds and a fast tail-wind finish. Nearing the end of the first of two laps, two Hellians (Swigs & OC) got off the front w/ the fabulous Theresa Moriarty. As I saw it unfold, I sat up instantly and made sure Points and Madone did the same.

Being in a group full of individuals, there was little chasing going on since few people wanted to take a pull at the front. We watched as our girls kept gettting farther and farther away, sitting comfortable in the Pelaton and readied ourselves for the finish.

At our final approach to the finish, a AUC rider attached on a small roller and I made myself her shadow. When she began to fade, June came up on me and I matched her speed until she began to slow. Knowing they were both slowing and that the crest was right in front of me, I launched my attack! I conquered the hill, loving the descent, and laughing at the cross wind....until I saw the climb I was SUPPOSED TO attack on. There was no turning back. I dug deep into every last ounce of energy and determination I could grab hold to and took off.

I got a gap of 9 seconds on the field while in the cross wind and never looked back. Even as I made the final turn into the tail wind, I didn't dare look over my shoulder. I kept digging, looking between my legs for any approaching shadows and I looked straight down, as tucked in as I could be.

Though they gained 3 seconds on me in the tail wind, I finished in third solo, with my hubby, friends and teammates screaming for me at the line. It was one of my favorite finishes ever - and the first time I'd ever rode off the front like that!!! It was so amazing. I'm still super jazzed about it, and can only hope the season keeps improving like that!

Thanks to Points & Madone for watching the field, and for OC, Swigs, Stick, Cave, Theresa, Tara, and my super duper husband Jay for screaming for me to the finish!!! You guys rock! Hellians took 1st, 2nd and third. Yowza!

Ready to take on the world,
Kristy Kreme

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