Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 Days of Birthday Madness

This past weekend marked the final countdown of my twenties, but I made sure to start it off in style. To kick it off, my hubby made me breakfast-in-jammies on the patio, before we woke the bikes up for a mid-day ride. We headed out by 11:00 for a nice 40-miler in the warm June sun, catchin a tan and just enjoying the day. Half way through the ride, we stopped at Lake Minnetonka for some rest and rehydration.
After we cleaned up, we got ourselves geared up for Phase 2: rockin out with Surly Jones at Wyatt Earp's in Ramsey. What better way to kick it off, than with a nice cold Duvel? The last time I had one of these, it was 80 degrees out and we were watching the evening approach from the backyard of a Gite in France just a week after we got engaged.... ah, Europe.
The show ROCKED like never before as the band came out with all pistons firing from the first set on. It is hard to describe, but a ton of fun was had. This was already startin out as the best birthday EVER!

The fun bus
Jay is the best!We're not intoxicated, we're rockin' out!

After sleepin' on Saturday, we had some of my family over for a midday BBQ, then rolled it into the evening as the whole crew came out for some grillin and chillin. I bet your last birthday cake didn't say "BITCH PLEASE"!!!!

Not to mention the Motley Crew that made it a point to throw some meat on the grill and hang out with us til sundown.
Then, how do we round out a great weekend? Bike racing of course. And none other than the State Criterium Championships in St. Cloud. The weather and the racing were awesome, and I had a blast. Even though I was just outside a podium finish, I still took fourth and was proud with my best St. Cloud & State Champs finish ever.
Even better than that was my hubby's ROCKIN' THIRD PLACE FINISH!!!
James "I didn't even break a sweat" Tainter won the State Championships, with Pete 'Pure Genious' Hanna in 2nd. Jimmer Cullen won the race, but bein' a cheese head, he didn't get the title. Hwood rocked out 78 laps that day, takin' on the 35+ AND the 1/2's. Way to go babe!! You impress the $hit out of me! We headed out to House of Pizza for a great post-race meal w/ my mom & step-dad & Caveman. Yum.

Though I still don't want it to end, I have to admit the celebration has ceased and life as we know it has returned to normal. But I'll never deny that this was the greatest birthday ever! I thank my family a ton for making me feel special, and my wonderful husband Jay for making ALL of my birthday wishes come true. Thanks babe, I love you!

Feelin' like a princess,
Kristy Kreme

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