Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enough with the cold already!

This has been the most upsetting winter - too much snow and slop on the roads to ride, too cold for me to ski....erg. I'm done!

Luckily, though, Jay and I got a ride in w/ Ronnie and Timmer on Saturday to give us a taste of spring. (joke was on us that Sunday was the better day to ride, but oh well). We got a great 50 miles in w/ a couple sprints and some nice rollers to get ready for the new season. Still gettin' used to my Garmin, I was blown to bits when I saw the read-outs after the ride and my 1500 calorie expenditure!! Yowza! I had an extra serving at lunch after that one

Other than that, I feel like I've been running on all cyclinders constantly. The super fun thing keeping me on my toes is that I've been making jewelry out of used bike parts from Hollywood Cylces. Currently, they are only being sold at Hollywood Cycles, but I have a website up at Quiet Girl Designs to show off the goods. Hopefully, I'll be able to set up an e-store with it shortly.
Frozen In Time


Check it out, and check back often since I'm experimenting with new ideas and making new pieces every week. [items with pictures/images can be customized, so contact me if you have a request!] Superrookie - feel free to send me your favorite picture of you and Dewey, and I will gladly make you an "I heart Dewey" charm!

Next up - IT'S H-WOOD'S BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY!!!! Stop in and wish the man a happy 29th Bday! hehehe Or head out to the Mood Swings on Saturday night at the Uptown Bar.

Freezin' my lobes off,
Kristy Kreme

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