Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bueller? Bueller?

Time jets by so fast when you're flyin by the seat of your bib shorts! I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last blog. But, by the bags under my eyes, and the full memory card on my camera, it was definitely time NOT wasted.

To kick it off, we headed south w/ 10 other SC peeps for spring training in the Ozark Mtns in Arkansas. Luckily, the dumb-a$$ redneck encounters were minimal (see: being used as pellet gun target practice as we made a 3 mile, 11% grade climb on our bikes).... and even better yet, the riding was AMAZING! We'd start each day with a sweet 3 mile decent out of our secluded mtn side cabin, and then battle the wicked steep 3 mile climb at the end of the day. Each day had a minimun 4500 ft. of ascending (one day some of the guys did a century w/ 10K of climbing!). It was so much fun, and the best part was getting to know my teammates so much better and share a TON of great laughs!

By the way... if you see us on an episode of Cops in Kansas City, let me know! Let's just say, getting in a car accident in the middle of an ice strom w/ some RENOB fleeing the police is more than it's cracked up to be!

After we returned, it was Game On for Hwood and I at the shop, burning the midnight oil for a week straight just to catch up. As usual, though, we didn't let the lack of sleep keep us from yet another rockin' SURLY JONES show! This time, instead of just takin photos and partying the night away, I got to kick it in the VIP room and pull some light Roadie duty. Saweet! It was a great show - get out and see 'em soon! We snuck out shortly after 1:00AM to catch 5 z's, then rolled into the tax man's office w/ coffee in hand and a lot of fingers crossed. Hopefully Uncle Sam loves bike racers....

No, we didn't return home after that - once the paperwork was done we were Eastbound and Down for Hellians Training Camp in Prescott, WI. (yes, I think Hellians looks better with an A) The team is WICKED HUGE this year with 9 women sporting the Black n White! Pelatons everyware: BEWARE. Most fun wins!!! Arkansas was the perfect precursor to this training ride, helping me up the climbs time and time again. I can't wait for the racin' to begin.

The arms have officially been ripped off the fun meter! Next up, watch for me swingin those arms overhead, practicing my "whoo hoo's".

Kristy Kreme


Jake said...

Where in Arkansas were you guys? Was Jay there? I live in Bella Vista (NW corner of Arkansas).

Terra said...

Hey Kristy,

I came across the blog when I was looking for the name of Jay's store. I might have a friend swing in for a bike. I love to see that you are so happy and living life to the fullest.