Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rapid Fire Race Update

So, since the last time I threw out a race summary there has been a ton of racing going on! After the State TT, I blew myself away at Black Dog with yet another PR!!! I only took 3 seconds off, but it felt amazing! Can't wait until tomorrow.

Last week was the start of the Summit/Hollywood Crit series at the Dakota Tech College. This is BY FAR my favorite criterium, held on the college's Semi-Truck Driving training course....fabulous sweeping turns, a sweet series of tight flowing turns, no major climbs, and nothing but smooth pavement! During warm up I felt like absolute crap, but for some reason my body was bluffing as I finished in 4th with some great action in between.

Then, Saturday was the Birchwood Road Race - kindly filled with rolling hills and a killer 1 mile climb we had to do 3 times. It was hard and I was tired, but I finished in the top 10 just as I'd hoped (10th). But, the best part was pulling the field at speeds from 27-30MPH to bring back a rider that was 20 seconds off the front!!!! That was SO AWESOME!

This past Sunday was the GrandStay Crit in St. Cloud. Although I rode well physically, I disappointed myself technically, sitting in poor position in the field, slowing on the corners....but it was a great learning experience - it reminded me of what I need to do to perform better in crits. On the lighter side, my teammate Jacki kicked some major tail feathers - beating Patti K. to the finish to take first!!! Man, that girl can ride - great job, Hellian!!!!Hollywood's Hellians

Tonight, I'm skippin' the crit for some R&R to prep for the next 5 races in the next 7 days....2 TT's, 2 Crit's, and 1 Road race....and I can't wait!!!! There's a lot riding on them, so I am just hoping to ride smart and safe at each, and have fun at every one!

Until the next update, Party on!
Kristy Kreme

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