Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost there.....

Last week at the Dakota Crit, I was THIS CLOSE to winning my first crit. Man, was that fun! No worries, though....I'll get there when it's my time.

Other than that, racing's been going great! This killer sprint finish at Dakota was soon followed up by a rockin' second place at the Sprinter's Classic Road Race. The 32 mile Road Race turned out to be my best ever....having taken my first solo flyer for about 4 miles, then my teammate Amy, the Buzzard, Campbell countered with 16 miles to go and never looked back. She rolled in solo for the win, and I followed close behind in a 6-person chase group. In the field sprint, fabulously energized with a tail win, I cranked my Javelin Fara up to a record 40.2 MPH to win the field sprint for 2nd!!!!

The next morning, I had a great crit appearance at the Hopkins Raspberry Crit. Two laps into our race, I got on the break made by Patti Koehler and Dano Barrett. Cheryl Barker was quick to grab on as well, and the four of us fought the wind as we stayed away for 17 laps! No only was it my first time in the lead break in a crit, but it was my first time lapping other riders.....and to top that off, we lapped the entire field! The race was awesome, and I was so happy with how I rode, not only physically, but intelligently as well. It's all really starting to come together.

Talking with Jay about racing lately, the best I can say is that it feels like a new door has been opened to some higher level of cycling understanding. So now, I'm not only trying like the rest to catch the break, but I could anticipate them coming. It's so amazing. I hope I never stop learning!

Graduating Kindegarten,
Kristy Kreme


H-WooD said...

yeah, taking yer training wheels wwas a big help, nice job baby!

H-WooD said...

taking them off, is what I ment too type.

Scott said...

Damn close!

As a resident blog stalker of yours I saw this online the other day and thought you guys should get this for your wedding limo.

redBeard said...

Throw that bike!

muyres said...

AWESOME. Keep Hope Alive!!