Thursday, May 3, 2007

Racing season has begun

On top of all the pre-marital bliss and planning in my life, I have realized that there is more excitement in the air.....this is my first full year of cycling!

For those of you who don't know, I bought my first bike in late August of 2006...and jumped into my first race (the Henderson Time Trials) one week later! Since then, I've kept myself quite entertained by racing cyclocross in the fall and the Ice Race in January on my SS Mtn bike. Now, we are full-swing into the 2007 season!

"Training" in Belgium was a blast....well, I don't know if I'd actually call it training, more like touring. Its not like I was watching my heart rate and doing sprints at 5:00 a.m.- I was checking out the scenery and having fun. But, then again, that's how I've done most of my races, too.

So far, I've gotten 3 races in already.
I did the Durand RR, placing 27th of 30 in the Women's Open field. This is amazing! Especially since my goal is simply to finish, with hopefully the bonus of learning something while doing it.

Last Saturday, I did the Ken Woods RR, placing 24th of 33 in Womens Cat 4. I learned how to Pace Line! It was so much fun : )

Last night was my first taste of the Black Dog TT. I had so much fun! I was super nervous at first, trying desperately not to spray Casper w/ regurgitated bananas. But racing it, I felt ON! I did it in 20:17, placing 2nd of 3 in the Women's Stock category! YOWZA! I had a blast. And, to top it all off, I got to finish the night tailgating with the Motley-est of all crews under the full moon... Jay, Timmer, Ronnie, Shad, Super-Linda, and the crew sat around laughing, enjoying snacks & bevies, and goofing off until bedtime. Silver Cycling & Hollywood Cycles put on a great race! Nice job Russ and friends.

This weekend is the Gluek RR on Saturday. 36 miles....oh, boy.... Sunday is what I'm really excited for though....brunch w/ Mom & the family, sharing stories, souveniers, and a little more engagement celebration. Uber fun! We haven't seen them since before we left for Europe and I am so very excited.

Have I said it lately that I am a very lucky woman? Life is wonderful, and the best has only just begun.


CB said...

Hey girl! Again the family says congrads!! Say hi to mom for me this weekend, tell her we miss her.

Lunatic Biker said...

So you and Jay get along really well...why would you spoil it by getting maried? Just kidding, I've been married 26 years even though I don't act a day over 12. Congrats.