Thursday, April 19, 2007

Back from Europe and still flying high...

Jay and I just got back from spending the last 2 weeks in Europe - hanging out in Belgium, France, and Germany. I would love to blog about every last adventure that we had, being on the run from sun up to well past the witching hour, but there is just not enough time in a day to do it all. So, instead, here is a mini-wrap up of all of the highlights...

The main, absolutely breath-taking, unbelievable thing that happened was that Jay and I got engaged! On April 6th, while in Brugge, Belgium (which is like a small Venice, filled with canals and midevil architecture), Jay took me on a carriage ride through Brugge. We sat beneath a blanket on the chilly night, listening to our guide, Lynn, tell us about our surroundings. Half way through the tour, Lynn stopped to give the horse a break, allowing us to take pictures or wander for 5 minutes. It just so happened that the carriage rest stop was at the Lake of Love where, legend has it, if you kiss your fiancee or loved one at the Lake of Love, you'll have everlasting love.

Jay took me onto a small dock off the canal off of the Lake of Love to "take a picture". While we held each other, he looked into my eyes, telling me he loved me, asking me to marry him. I think I responded with "you're kidding", but I saw the look in his eyes as he got down on one knee and pulled a beautiful diamond out of his pocket. Of course I said Yes! We kissed and hugged on the dock as a passing tour boat cheered as they had seen the entire thing. A beautiful swan swam up to the dock to check out the commotion as well. Jay put the ring on my finger and we held each other tight. It turns out he was filming the entire thing, so we can see it again and again! I don't remember any of the things Lynn pointed out on the second half of the ride because I was so lost in his eyes....and I still am. I am the luckiest woman in the world!

Next to that, the rest of the trip, even though just as amazing and unbelievable, just doesn't compare.

Not only did we get to watch the 2 Days of De Panna, Tour de Flanders, Gent-Wevelgem, and Paris-Roubaix, we rode them too! I got 258 miles in while on vacation, Jay did more than 400! While he did the full Amateur Flanders (265km or 160+miles), I did the 75k version - which included the last 7 bergs of the pro race.

When we were staying in Cobrieux, we were one block off of the Paris-Roubaix course. We rode the course all the way to the velodrome, finishing with our 1.5 velodrome laps and throwing our hands in the air as we crossed the finish line. For those of you Roubaix-buffs, we did sections 1-6 of the course. One day, we actually rode a couple blocks through Cysoing with the TMobile team as they practiced!

Jay and I even trekked across Europe to catch the Supersuckers in Stuttgart, Germany. It was more than 1300 km of driving, endless stories, and fortunate happenings. Not only was it a ass-rocking good time, but we got to hang with Eddie, Jessica, and Quattro after the show! Jessica gave us congrats and hugs when we told her the news (she even recognized us from the NYE show in Park City!)

Spring was in full bloom and love was in the air. Temps reached 80+ degrees, wild daffodils spread across the fields, and the cherry blossoms decorated the trees. I am hoping to get more stories out on the web soon, but in the midst of unpacking, getting reacquainted with work, and moving, I have found little blog time. : )

All I can say for right now, is that I am on Cloud 9 and unstoppable!

Absolutely in love,

Kristy Kreme


Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys! Can't wait to hear the stories, couldn't be happier for the two of you.


TOMMY GUN said...

dang! that's hott! Congratulations, Kristy!


Art said...

Congratulations to the two of you and best wishes for the future.