Friday, May 18, 2007

Gluek Gone Bad & Some Super Time Trialin'

Warp speed wrap up!!!

I am finally back on the internet! Thank you NewEgg for getting me back into the blog-o-sphere. To celebrate, I'll give you the mighty quick summary of the latest races.

May 5th was the Gluek Road Race. I rode W Cat 4, riding harder and better than ever before! I was with the lead pack for the first 24 miles, then got dropped on the last lap when the sky opened up, dumping cold, stinging rain on me as I watched the field ride away. The sick thing was that I was riding at 30 mph when they rode away! I chased them all the way to the finish, ending up 13th of 20. I learned so much about myself and how hard I could push, that it was all worth it.

(Skinny Ski Rules!)

Jay was positioned to finish top 3 in the Men's 35+ when the guy in 3rd blew a tire on the wet pavement, causing a messy bike pile. Jay Cyclocrossed it onto the shoulder to avoid the accident, but couldn't dodge a bike flying through the air, sending him over his handlebars, bouncing off his back, and launched into a corn field. ATTN: HENDERSON FAMILY - JAY IS DOING FINE - NO SERIOUS INJURIES!!! Actually, he couldn't have crashed better (is that an oxymoron?). The corn field had been freshly plowed, allowing him to land quite gingerly in a field of soft soil, and most likely manure. He was able to get back on his bike after a quick self-evaluation, dropping 20 places to 25th.

The following weekend was the Bike Club TT. The weather was beautiful, the course a little more rolling than most of us liked, and the after-race hang out was fabulous! I wound up with my first official Top 10 ever! (top 10 in a field with more than 10 riders). I was 10th of 15 Women and 17th of 28 overall, finishing the 20K race in 41:26. Jay rode hard, but wasn't all feeling it, finishing with a time of 1:04. Timmer, on the other hand, DESTROYED the field!!! He is en fuego this year, blowing the field away at the Bike Club TT, finishing the 40K in 55:36, more than a minute faster than second place!
Great Job, Timmer!!!

This past Wednesday, we took over Black Dog Rd. again for the Black Dog Time Trials #2. The evening was a little cool, but fun and exciting as usual. In an attempt to keep my lunch down, I hit the trainers with the ipoder cranked. It definitely helped, because I got to the start calm and collected. (After puking at Gluek, I never want to go there again). I've been fightin off a mean cold, so little did I expect to actually improve on my time! I rode my a$$ off, sure, but I figured that me feeling like I was dragging meant that I was REALLY dragging.... I beat my time by 47 seconds! I finished in 19:30, winding up getting 1st of 3 in the Women's Stock Cat! My first time getting FIRST PLACE!!!! Holy &%$#!!! Overall for Women racers, I was 7th of 10. Wow! Black Dog has already been such a great tool to teach me - I have never pushed myself so hard before, and I've never believed I could keep it up for the entire if I could only maintain that pace for a longer race.

Patience, Grasshopper.

Jay finished 7th in both the Men's 35+ and Men's Overall times. Nice job, sweetheart!!! It would have been spotless, except for the post-race Taco Bell purge. Eewww...glad I missed that one. :) Timmer, of course, had the fire lit, taking 1st place yet AGAIN! Way to go!

Since we were all having fun, and delirious from racing, we got out the chairs and beers for some great tailgating. Needing food, Jay called up Domino's, scoring us parking lot pizzas as the sun went down! I can't believe they delivered it to a freakin' parking lot, but man...that food was scarfed up so FAST!! Yummy, though. Much better than the Gu packs I had in my bag.

John & Jacki havin fun

My hungry man

Tonite, we're driving up to Cable, WI for the Cable Classics MTB Race. This will be my first official Mountain bike race...I hope the pony is ready! Speaking of which - I should be packing!

In love with riding, and riding in love,

Kristy Kreme

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