Monday, January 28, 2013

When there's no snow, gotta race ice!

Just over a week ago, Hollywood and I saddled up for the 4th Annual Lake Mtka Ice Race.  The weather was calling for an afternoon of 30+ mph winds and the temps were to drop some 20-30 degrees... but luckily, it wasn't set to roll into town until after our race.

Jay designed the course again this year and was ecstatic when we got a dusting of snow the day before they shoveled off the course, exposing clear, glare ice to test even the best studded tires out there.  How do you keep the advantage? More studs!
 We raced the Advanced race, running the women 10 sec. behind the men.  There were only 4 of us ladies in it, but we put it to the men just as well, catching the first handful by the time we entered the massive pinwheel.  The course was wicked fast and we were tearing it up.  Me, Danielle, and Patti kept passing the lead around for the first couple laps and it was awesome!

Though I didn't have much of a season in 2012, I pulled out all the stops and rode out of my mind!  It felt so great catching dudes and passing them with ease and not letting them pass me back.  Unfortunately, my endurance was 2nd best and Patti rode away from us.  Danielle and I worked together, but couldn't close the gap as the laps counted down and the winds began to build.

I began to bonk and Danielle went on solo pursuit of the win as I dug deep to retain my position.  Exhausted, sweating, and out of breath, I crossed the finish line in third behind two of the best competitors out there - it was awesome!

Fatigued hugs and high-5's awaited me at the finish as I got there just in time to watch Hollywood lose his breakfast on the shoreline.  H-WooD had suffered a poor start, slipping a pedal instantly and fell into place in the top five or so at the go.   Super-charged and sporting a new kit, he threw it into high gear fast and started picking off riders at an aggressive pace.

He rode up to 5th, but didn't relent.  Lap after lap he caught his rabbits, moving into 2nd place behind Brendon Moore.  Although he got faster and faster each lap, he wasn't able to close the gap all the way and finished proudly in 2nd place.  Way to go, hun!

Two races down for 2013, two podium finishes... 2013 is gonna be a good year for Girl Fiend Cycling!

Kristy Kreme

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