Friday, January 18, 2013

Oprah vs. Lance

Yeah, I won't deny that I spent the last two nights watching Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong.

Last night, there were no surprises.  No $h!t he was doping!

Tonight, I won't deny getting teary-eyed.  Not because I felt bad for Lance and sympathized with him now that he was 'sorry' for all he did...

I felt broken hearted for the people out there he bullied and pressured that still suffer to this day for what he did.  What about those teammates that refused to dope but now struggle to find work thanks to your tarnished persona, with coaches assuming they doped by association?  That is something I find unacceptable.. people choosing to take the High Road still shunned thanks to you..

F - U.

No worries though... this lil cyclist is going to move forward in a drug-free cycling mission to ride hard, move fast, and have fun!

Kristy Kreme

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