Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Too Frozen" Frolic

H-wood and I got up early today to get to the Frozen Frolic for another weekend of Fat bikin'.  After the last couple days' rain, we were hesitant to participate, knowing the course could be icy and treacherous for non-studded rigs.  Still, we'd paid for the whole series, so why not give it a good ole college try, right?


I mean, heck, last week was AWESOME!  Even pulled off a second place finish after bonking super hard in the bird sanctuary.  Not a bad start to the year.   But, then again, conditions had been PERFECT!

Hwood had to remind me, though, to drop my hands next time so the team logo can be seen.  So, today was my chance to get back on the podium.


Since the course was so icy, most riders showed up with studded tires.  My little Mad Max rig was left at home, so all I had was my 9Zero7 with regular tires.  But hey, how bad could it be?  We lined up for the start ala Time Trial style and I was having a blast at the beginning loop, catching two rabbits before we hit the 'Point of No Return' even aside from a couple crashes.

Then, it just started getting worse from there.  It was like we brought pillows to a knife fight....

Slipping out for no reason at all and landing on the frozen tundra started getting old FAST.  I already missed one year of racing due to injury, I'm not about to repeat it again so soon.  So, I laid off the gas a bit and tried to ride smarter, but it did no good.  Repeated crashes on the slippery trail found me standing next to my bike with the chain artfully wedged between my cassette and spokes... seriously?

It was just then that Hwood found me from the trail up above and came down to help.  He got the chain back on, but we'd both had enough.  We headed back down the trail towards the exit, knowing full well we'd rather save the ice racing for the lakes, not the trail.

Sadly, I don't know what was safer - walking the trail or riding it.  I was falling all over the place, or 'skating' down slippery slopes like a boot hockey player lost in the woods.  Jay took my bike for me so I could have both hands for grabbing trees and we finally made it back to the lot.

We didn't dilly dally much - just loaded up the gear and took off.  Why way for everyone to finish for an after party of a race we didn't complete?  Nah, lets nap before the Broncos game!  Hopefully we can get some snow in the next two weeks cuz I'm loving these fat bikes!  Can't wait to do it again.

Happy to be back in the race,
Kristy Kreme

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