Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soothing the Craving

Friday nite, I took Jay out to Burger Jones for a date night with some tasty burgers and beers.  Low and behold, as we waited for our table, the Mayor and lil Mayor appeared out of the darkness, ready to dine on some delicious grub as well.  It was an awesome surprise and a delight to have them join us for dinner.

Last summer, BJ had the Nacho Burger on special.  Jay ordered it and I got my standard plain burger.  Tempted throughout the meal by the toppings, I begged Jay for a bite... then another... and another.  It was so amazing.  And every month after, I checked the Specials board each time, hoping and praying for the burger to come back so I could reunite with taste-bud splendor.... but that time did not come.

So, Friday night, I decided to build my own!  Luckily, Chonny was the Exec Chef on duty and he remembered my favorite special from months gone by and was able to recreate... better yet, improve upon.... the dining memories I had.

As we waited on our dinner, we split an order of Poutine - fries covered in beef gravy, bacon, raw cheese curds and green onion... oh my!

Once the meal arrived, I was blown away by the burger I've waited so long to reunite with.  Hand-pattied beef, in-house sesame bun, avocado mayo, jalepenos, beans, Chonny nacho cheese, lettuce, and salsa, fresh cilantro and, you guessed it, tortilla chips!

I've never finished a 1/2 lb. burger ... but this night I did.  I have no idea if anyone was sitting at the tables next to us, I struggled to remember Jay's Chubby Cheddar burger or what was on the TV overhead... I was in my own world with my burger, my taste-buds, and the adventure we embarked upon.  I slowly devoured the burger, impressed by every bite, and my stomach so addicted that it never waivered or asked me to stop....  it was better than I ever remembered and I can only beg and plead for them to bring it back again.

At the end of the night, we retreated home to snuggle on the couch and bathe in our dining euphoria.  Yeah, the name Burger Jones is dead-on.  Go there.  Satiate that Jones.

Loving being a grown-up-eater!
Kristy Kreme

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DMC said...

Damn you now I am hungry... Feed Me!!