Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rosco P Coltrane!!

This weekend we celebrated Rosco's 1st Birthday!

It's so hard to imagine that only one year ago my lil munchie was the size of my thumb and squirming around with no idea where to go. Now, he's a lil snuggler and awesome part of the family.
We had spoken to the breeder for a week about his puppies, and fallen in love with a beautiful white and brown piebald puppy with green eyes. We went down on a Saturday morning and met him and watched a litter of puppies play with each other and check us out in the summer sun. Although we thought we were there to meet the piebald, I'd also seen a tiny lil red brindle boy I wanted to meet. The piebald was super shy but you knew he really wanted to say hi. The lil brindle, though, was all over the place. Crawling on Jay's chest as he laid in the grass, and explored the yard with his siblings without fear.

I fell in love instantly! It was the hardest thing to admit, though, that we had changed our minds, but we were so happy to take home the lil fuzz ball we named Rosco. Don't worry, there was a family to adopt the beloved cow-dog too.

Rosco's first day with his new family... so tiny!
Now our lil man is FULL of personality, taking up all the space in the room with his overwhelming desire to be part of the action and giving everyone all the love they can stand. At night, he snuggles by our feet as we fall asleep... and by the time I wake up, he's lying on his back with his head on the pillow, under the blanket like a lil person.

Rosco P. Coltrane, you've brought such warmth & joy to our home, I can't kiss you enough to thank you! (even though you can't read..yet) Love you tons, lil puppy, and excited to celebrate many more birthdays with you!!

Proud mama,
Kristy Kreme

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