Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh the silly things we see....

Saturday was a beautiful day to be outdoors and we made sure to take advantage of every moment of it!

We kicked the day off by, what else, cyclocross racing! On the way to the race, we got a great laugh when we looked up into the bright sky and saw a wicked crooked jet stream.... I would think it would be wise NOT to drink and fly, but this pilot was obviously having a good time....
We sent our pic to Timmer who could see it from his cabin in Wisco!

After some fun racing in the warm afternoon, celebrating the last few days of sun and warmth, we came home and took the puppy for a nice long walk. While strolling quietly through the neighborhood, we found not one, but TWO MG's...
This was 2 MG's welded to make one hellofa sweet ride, rumble seat and all! :o) It was a pleasant lil treat for the eyes before cozying up on the couch as a family and welcome the sunset.

Enjoying the fall,
Kristy Kreme

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