Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bottle CX - Double Wood Victory, Double the Fun!

We by-passed the standard MCF racing today to stay close to home and 'cross it up with the 612 Mafia. Bottle CX started by meeting at a pre-determined spot and following Hurl to the "not a race" course. Complete with a wicked stair climb, sketchy descent, and log barriers, it was sure to be a good time. Add to it that the entry price was just a bottled beverage, and you're sure to bring out the best!
Yum, Harriet Brewery plus the lovely Kelly Mac!

Five killer laps on the urban course were perfect, challenging me to keep my feet moving up the stair climb lap after lap... heck, it was probably one of the best stair climbs we could have done to prepare for State Championships!

Hollywood was riding out of his mind from the get-go, and I was doing everything I could to chase down Chelsea early in the event. Half way through the race, I caught up to her and settled into her pace up the stairs, passing her at the top and trying to speed the pace up as best I could. It worked great and I held it to the finish, taking the women's win! There waiting for me at the finish, my sweet hubby who took the men's win.... bitch, please! Double Wood Victory!
Yeah, I scored a sweet Hula Pig trophy - best one ever!!!!

Not only did we score sweet trophies, Jay won some awesome Zig Zag arm warmers! He STILL won't take 'em off - ha!
What's the first thing you want to see as you cross the finish line at a 'cross race? A bag full of random bottles of liquor, of course! (plus one bottle of hot sauce) People brought everything from a bottle of beer, Harriet Brewery growler, some sweet and smooth Kentucky whisky, and even a bottle of home brew. Jay opted for the Delirium Tremens, whereas I popped the top off the growler and shared in the glory with CrossMax and his well-planned pint glasses!

Hey, Gen-o Mario, where's Louigi??

We chilled for hours with our friends, sharing beers and stories, until the hunger set in. Hollywood and I packed up our cool trophies and headed to grab some Punch Pizza and get home to the puppy! What an amazing way to finish out the weekend!

Thank you Hurl for putting on an awesome event!

Tired, lazy, and enjoying the couch,
Kristy Kreme

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