Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scamp-venture 16: The Iron Range

Friday night, Hwood and I were lucky to find a puppy-sitter (thank you tons, Cross!) so we could get away for Vegas & Kate's wedding. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony, and I was so excited to be on the arm of my snazzy-dressed hubby for the night... it was the third time I've ever seen him in a tie, so it was fun!

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was fabulous! Thank you so much for having us, kids! You two are an amazing couple and we're so happy you found each other.

After a long night of celebrating, we slept in on Saturday before heading north to Duluth for the next round of Scamp-ventures. We wanted to get up early and pre-ride Sunday's Great Hawk Chase mtn bike course, but some AM rain storms made the trails to muddy to ride. Instead, we hopped into the camper for a short nap and a quick road ride to the top of Hawk's Ridge and back. We then met up with Jeanne and Greg for some tasty treats and cold beers before bedtime. It was a great way to just chill with our friends who we mostly get to only exchange a quick word with at 'cross races. Later, we closed out the night by parking the Scamp in their driveway and tucking in for bed.

Come Sunday, we had an awesome time riding the trails and seeing friends. Hollywood had a killer finish, taking 11th in the Expert, Devon locked down 7th with ease, and Pip rocked a sweet 3rd place in the Expert women! And I was happy to take 5th behind some awesome women! Although the weather was beautiful and I didn't want to hit the road, we knew we had some weekend traffic to deal with and got on the road by 4:30. We stopped off to grab some grub for the road and get some fun pics in..
Puppy is still so tiny, that pink quick stick looks HUGE next to him!

Pony & the Scamp

Unfortunately, our 2 - 2.5 hour drive was extended by a lot of construction & weekend traffic, causing us to get home 4 1/2 hours after we left! It was ridiculous! Probably won't be going up that way again any time soon. Sheesh!

So ready to camp and ride again!
Kristy Kreme

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