Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scamp-venture 11: Weekend of Racin' & Rockin'

Friday night, we began the weekend with a smooth ride together on our way home from work, before headin' to the Myth for a killer Surly Jones & Hairball show. It was awesome! Surly Jones was on hungry and on fire - playing their brains out to a packed house - and I was in charge of getting a bitchin' group of Surly Gurly's ready to get rowdy and bombard the stage during their last song of their set.
Luckily, the Gurly's were awesome and we pulled it off as Surly Jones had the crowd eating out of their hands. Awesome show, guys!! I love helping out and watching your dreams come true!
We got home at midnight and realized there was no way we'd have time to make breakfast before our 7AM departure come Saturday morning for the race, so Jay made us some scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast before bed as we packed up our gear for a cold and rainy race to come. Yum! I love midnight breakfast!

The race, not so warm, but at least I got to ride with 3 of my favorite gals - Hellians Cheryl & Jacki, and Ply-wood pal Kristi O. Cold, wet, and rainy, it was a group ride of 5 gals until the 500m mark. The pace was up to mid-30's+ and the road wet, so I sat up quickly when Jacki, Cheryl, and Angie started bumping shoulders. Jacki held on for 2nd, Cheryl 3rd, and I happily rolled in for 4th. H-Wood, on the other hand, rocked out an AMAZING 60+ miles for a raging 2nd place finish! Great work babe!

With nothing on the docket for Saturday night, Hwood and I retreated to the Scamp for the next phase of the remodel. Other than replacing the door hardware to get our door to hang straighter, we tore out the old cushions and replaced them with brand new cushions and covers!
And, what do you do with new cushions? Sleep on 'em! We loaded up the car and headed to Lacrosse, WI to join our teammates and friends for Sunday's Lacrosse Criterium. Thanks to Devin and fam for hosting us and the lil Scamp!!!! Can't wait for the next time we can get out there and hang. :o)
After a great night's sleep, we headed out for Jay's first 40+ race! It was PHENOMENAL! Jay solo'd off the front before the very first turn and never looked back and never let them get closer than 14 seconds back! For an hour, Hwood dug deep into his pain cave against 20+mph winds and never wavered, sealing an uncontested victory with spunk! I was so freakin' proud of him!

When it was time for my race, I was honestly not excited. There was a lot of great talent there and I was not looking forward to getting my a$$ handed to me in a killer wind. I decided that I would just ride my tail off to hang in the pack and use it as training more than anything. You can only imagine how surprised I was to still be with the pack 1/2 way through the race and feeling great.

Coming into the final turn, I was tailgunner, but hungry for a top-8 finish (payout was 8 deep). As we barreled into the last turn for head/cross wind finish, I cut the turn tight and kept inside the wind-protected side of the road, taking up 4 places to finish 6th behind one of my She-roes, Linda S. It was probably one of the greatest crits I've ever been in! The women I raced with were strong and fit, and I found a way to hang and pull it out of my back pocket for the finish. Just the finish I needed to get the season rolling.

This was yet another amazing weekend! Lots of friends, fun, riding, and enjoying each other's company. I'm just so lucky to have the most amazing partner in crime, Jay. I love you babe! Thank you for always having fun with me and screaming your brains out as I chase my dreams!

Smiling and relaxing,
Kristy Kreme

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