Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring is here! Right?

Last weekend marked the kickoff of the spring/summer racing season. It was very evident in my lungs and legs that I have been EXTREMELY LAZY for the last couple months but, ya know what, that's okay. I raced all but 2 months in 2010 so I friggin' deserved it if you ask me.

I pulled a back-to-back, none the less, racing Kenwoods on Saturday and the final U of MN Campus Criterium on Sunday. I spent significant time in each race in a solo time trial mode, but it was okay with me. I know I'm in no position to win races in April and I'm not going to try to say otherwise. My season has to go til January, so this is my training.

Sure, we just got back from Boulder but don't get me wrong... that wasn't spring training. That was a vacation that we just happened to bring bikes along. Sure, we rode harder than we would have if it were just a 'leisure' ride, but that doesn't make it training. Too many beers were consumed to call it that.

Other than that, my skin's just crawling to see the sun again. I've got the first inkling of pink on my arms and legs, but I'm sure tonights snow flurries will cause 'em to run for the hills.

BUT, the best part of today was receiving our brand new cushions (and new foam) for the ole Scamp! We're pulling off the final remodel items in the next couple weeks so she'll be up and running for the 2011 race season and I can't wait. Pictures to come. I had to try 'em out though, and laid them on the floor of the shop tonight and curled up with the puppy just to see how they felt. WOW! What a difference brand new 4" foam is from the 30-yr old ones we've been sleeping on. Nothing like waking up to your own body imprint in the bed every morning. You can imagine how sore you feel. I can't wait for the first camping adventure with the new ones!

Heck, pair that up with some sweet new camping gear we scored from Santa & our families and we're ready to go for weeks! Thanks to all who humor our obsession for being in the wind and on our bikes.

Lots of love and excitement for summer 2011,
Kristy Kreme

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