Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surly Jones and the Roller Girls take Mpls

As if dinners and movies weren't enough for one week, we followed it up with some frigid afternoon racing on Saturday, a mini nap and a warm shower, then dolled up again for the MN Roller Girls and Surly Jones' half-time show!
STELLAR! Absolutely stellar! It was my first time seeing the roller derby ever and it was impossibly hard not to hunt down the person in charge and sign up. Ultimately it was the girl on crutches that finally made me realize it wasn't worth doing if it meant time away from my bike. But man was it awesome to watch!

Then, to make it better, Surly Jones rocked out the most bitchin' half-time show ever! The floor was packed and the band was on fire. I don't know what happened or when, but four of my most favorite musicians found a way to turn it up to 11!
It was like watching videos of KISS before they had branded everything from Tshirts to pinball machines.... Surly Jones was out there playing to the crowd as if their life depended on it. And every ounce of desire and passion that dripped sweat on the stage permeated the crowd and pulled the words right out of their throats as they sang along to every song.

And, as if roller skates and rock n roll weren't enough to allow this girl die happy, Surly Jones finished their set with my favorite song on their set-list.... Fat Bottom Girls by Queen. Starting it off all acapella, the band toed the front of the stage and got the crowd singing along instantly as they harmonized and rocked out the first verse.
I have followed them along as much as my travel schedule has allowed and THIS show was by far one of the top three they've ever put on. As if I've never said it before, go see SURLY JONES! You'll not regret it! Next up is a pre-Turkey show, followed by a super rockin' gig at the Star Bar Friday night - can I say it's my favorite of their show posters ever??

Droolin' for the next installment of Surly Jones,
Kristy Kreme

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