Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warm Bellies and Ringing Ears

Aside from all the great racing to be had lately, Jay and I have had a bunch of wonderful quality time with friends. Last week we joined Teri & Randy for dinner at Burger Jones for the first time. The staff was totally fun, the drinks spectacular, and the food was delicious and guilt-ridden all at the same time. Beef, salt, cheese stuffed in beef, root beer in Guinness, cheese curds, 4 types of fries with 4 different dipping sauces.... WOW!

And, if that weren't enough grubbin to keep a hibernating bear satisfied, the boys still found room for over-priced treats at the movie theater after dinner. Full bellies and all, we donned 3D glasses to test our intestinal fortitude at Jackass 3D. Not 20 minutes into the movie, I'd laughed so hard I burned off all of the cheese curds I devoured and began working on my tasty burger.

I had watched Jackass, the tv show, when it was on but never one of the movies before. It was HILARIOUS! All I can say is I wish I could have been watching the "High-Five" skit in real life. Sure, there was more vomit than I needed to see, but it was so much fun. With all that life gives us to stress or worry over, this was the perfect way to escape and laugh until I cried.

Thanks Randy & Teri for getting us out - it was AWESOME! Can't wait til our next date! Oh wait... we can never too long without seeing you again!

Two nights later we joined Teri, Kaity, Ralan, and Lon to celebrate Kim's birthday with pizzazz! Her son and some family helped us surprise Kim with dinner for 11 at Wondrous Azian Kitchen in DT Minneapolis. The speed of the meal was slow but it fit the the mood perfectly - allowing us more time than ever to laugh and enjoy ourselves on a Friday night.

The food was delicious and well-presented. Jay's caterpillar roll was one of my favorites ever, with eyes and all.

Then, to complete the meal, we had a fabulous banana egg roll..... hey, who rearranged the plate to look like a......
After the meal ended, the crue headed out for some fun at Spring Street, but Hwood and I were too tired to party on. We headed home to snuggle with the puppy on the couch and relax on a Friday night. It was the perfect ending to a crazy workweek for sure.

Kristy Kreme

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