Monday, September 6, 2010

Another weekend in Heaven... er..... I mean Maplelag

Jay and I spent the last three days in one of my favorite places in the world... Maplelag Resort in Detroit Lakes, MN. Three days straight of mountain bikes, friends, amazing homemade meals served all mess-hall style, campfires, and Scamping! It was perfect and I actually fought back tears as we settled our tab and hugged our goodbyes. The Richards' combine all the greatest trails and accommodations with awesome food and wonderful people, creating a lil piece of heaven in 'the middle of nowhere' MN.

The last two years, Jay and I were spoiled rotten, staying in one of the cabins or lodge rooms, but this year we decided to rough it a bit. Yeah baby, this was our first adventure in our new 1981 Scamp trailer.
Jay found this sweet beauty on Craigslist and there was no turning back. We've been hunting all summer for a sweet lil fiberglass camper to travel around in, and were ecstatic when the kind woman reached her hand out to seal the deal. So, we hit the open road and headed north to break it in with style. The interior is all original, so I'll be sure to keep updating my blog as the remodel begins. :O)

Aside from the killer camping fun, the mountain biking was awesome! With temps in the 60's and the trails were in stellar condition. The time trail kicked off the fun and it was super fast and flowing course. Next up, though, was the fastest race I've ever done. The short-track races went out so freakin' fast, the Elite men set a new lap record! It was like no criterium or cyclocross race I'd ever done.... pulling off sprint-finish speeds for 14 min. straight was a mind-blowing event.

When we weren't racing, we were either hittin' the hot tub with mini lake dips in between or chillin' fireside with a beer and a ton of laughs. Having a camper was like stepping into a whole new lifestyle... rather than being the pair that biked down to the campground each night to hang with friends and bonfire... we were there in the mix of it all, free to sneak off for a nap or to grab some snacks only to come straight back to our outdoor home away from home.

Already countin down til next year,
Lady & the Scamp

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