Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Avon Kermesse

A couple weeks back Hwood and I headed out to Avon for the Kermesse / Road Race. As is with most women's races at this point in the year have a low turn out. There were 5 of us gals at start time, but it quickly dwindled down to four just over a mile into the race when Abby ripped the rerailuer and hangers completely from her bike.

Tessy, Alix, Terra, and I continued on once we realized her bike was f'ed and worked as a group through much of the race. As we approached the hill to begin our final lap, I attacked the group approx. 500 m into the 1.5km climb. I was able to get away from the group until Tessy caught up to me on the downhill. She had attacked 500m later than I did and was able to get away, so the two of us pulled of an awesome team time trial for the final 8 miles of the race.

As we rolled onto the hill for the final time, the other two riders were still out of site, so we drag-raced it to the finish. As we crested the hill and crossed the line, Tessy and I were neck and neck, with her winning the overall by 0.033 seconds! Bitch Please! (if you ask me, she went easy on me). :O)

It was awesome! Not only did I have the ride of my life, but I got to ride my ass off with one of my favorite female racers. Then, to squirt a lil whip cream on top, I got my first Cat 3 Road Win! For riding a bike all of 6 times in August, I am flabbergasted! What can I say, it was friggin awesome!

Blown Away,
Kristy Kreme

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