Friday, June 11, 2010

Buck Hill PR Blow Out!

Last night Hwood and I made our way out to Buck Hill for another great night of racing. The temps were cool and the sky threatened to rain on us all evening, but the weather could not have been better.

With the lite drizzling that had gone on of the course of the day, the trail was perfectly tacky and extremely fast. The Little White Fox wanted to make up for a slow showing at Afton and dragged me up the hill. Hwood rode behind me for the entire race to help teach me a few skills I still have yet to learn, and that was awesome! I wish he could do that everytime!

I must be getting the flow of Buck down, cuz once I was in the single track I could completely open up. I railed through the turns and had fun letting my rear wheel get a little loose. Though my lungs burned more than I'd hoped, it was still light-years better than a month ago and my speed showed it.

On our second lap, I amped it up a bit and was able to pass 2 advanced women (who had a 2 min. head start!). With the finish in site, I charged the climb in a last ditch effort to beat my fastest time of 39:25....

With a fist full of breaks, I crossed the line and stopped to see my new personal best time of 35:50!!!! Holy frijoles!! I had FELT fast, but I didn't know I was actually going that fast! My first mountain bike win ever!!!!! So freakin' awesome...

YOWZA!!! I couldn't have done it without my coach to help me through some of my barriers. Thank you, Jay! You're the best coach and hubby a gal could have! Heck, any man would be pretty lucky too. But I'm sure happy he's hetero :O) I love you, Jay!

Still ridin' high,
Kristy Kreme

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