Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Weekend on the Road

Hollywood and I went south for the holiday weekend to spend time with family and friends. Not only did we enjoy the heat and the sunshine, but we got to ride our bikes, play with Smokey, see Jay's parents and party with the entire Iowa crue.

Kenny & Lou hooked us up with a place to stay again, and we had a blast. It's definitely the place to stay for great socializing and bikes. Not to mention Smokey is a huge fan of their 3 yr. old black lab, Ridley! They played so much, we had to wash the slobber off of Smokey before we loaded up the car to come home.

We spent our days out riding our bikes and watching and racing some killer Iowa races, starting with Snake Alley. That Snake was rad and I wish I could have tackled it a few more times, but my slowly-departing sickness was too huge a barrier to overcome.

Hwood and I tackled the Melon City Criterium at Weed Park, but the heat and lingering illnesses proved impossible to overcome yet again, forcing each of us off of our bikes earlier than we wished. Lucky for us, though, father Bob was up n' at 'em enough to come out and watch! Thank a ton for coming out, Bob! Bob, Smokey, and Dorothy spent the afternoon basking in the warmth under the shade of an old oak tree.
Smokey's such a good boy - we left him off leash most of the afternoon and he played and lounged with the rest of us.To add to the fun and excitement, we followed up the day's events by joining Ken, Lou and the crue on their bitchin' wine ride. At dusk, we loaded up our bikes with wine, cheeses, breads, hummus..even some creme brulee, and hit the road for our fave park. Almost 50 people saddled up for fun, and no one was left behind.

Sometime after midnite, we headed back... but not too fast as to deny an impromptu disco!

Needless to say, we had an awesome time! Lucky for me, Hwood and I were on a tandem, ensuring I made it home quite safe after a couple of glasses of wine.

Thanks to all my favorite peeps for another awesome weekend on the road. Hwood & Smokey, you're the best companions! I love you!

Road worn & weary,
Kristy Kreme

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