Friday, June 11, 2010

Back from the Dead

This weekend I finally started to feel as though I'd come back around from getting my arse kicked by a major sinus/ear/lung infection.

To test the waters in the most abusive way I could think of, I raced the St. Peter Time Trail on Saturday.... nothing like a 40K time trial to welcome you back.... especially since I haven't raced a time trail since last September. An hour before the race, the outlook was not good. My legs were exhausted from a ragin Roller Disco the night before... but heck, Hwood and I won the couple's costume contest, so it was worth it!

Back to the pain.... about 5 miles into the TT my lungs burned. Dead center in my chest my lungs practically cramped with the strain of trying to expand. Something finally gave a few miles further down the road and they opened up and filled my legs with oxygen. Since it had been a while since my last TT, my expectations were as low as a redneck's IQ, and mile after mile I kept extending my goal time to beat. To my utter disbelief, every time I looked at my computer, my speed was great so I kept truckin along.

With 12 miles to go, my crotch began swearin' at me like a sailor, tempting me to stop. But, I figured the only way off the bike was 12 miles down the road, so I pushed harder figuring that the faster I went, the sooner I'd be done. Diggin my heals into the ground, I soared across the finish line exhausted. When I looked down at my finishing time I near crashed my bike! 1:04:06!!!! Just shy of 3 minutes faster than my previous best!

Awesome pics, Seth!

I tried messin' with Jay and acted disappointed at a super slow time and told him to check my computer. He looked at me, astonished, and congratulated me on a killer time. It's so nice to have my hubby always there to share in my experiences, especially my first win of the season!

To keep the good times rollin, we headed out to Afton the next day to conquer the ski hill with our mountain bikes. My legs moaned and complained for much of the race, but I never gave up. The rocky sections were a little over my head, so my performance wasn't totally where I wanted it to be. I still took home a win in my age group, though, so that was super awesome!

Jay took on the pro race during the peak heat of the day as Smokey and I baked in the sun. Although he was totally exhausted from Saturday, he stuck to it and finished strong. I am so proud of you baby!!!

By Sunday night, tired and tanned, Hwood, Smokey and I returned home to put our feet up and relax after a fun weekend gone by. A little late in the season to finally come to, but I'll take it.

Back on the bike wagon,
Kristy Kreme

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