Thursday, November 13, 2008


One month into wedlock and we're already nesting away. Right after the honeymoon, we threw away the old towels and linens and replaced 'em with the new and fresh linens we'd registered for. But the best of the best...we redid the kitchen.

Okay, so no new counter-tops or floors, but we painted the walls, replaced the towels, and hung shelves to make our mini-kitch more cook friendly.


Wait! Did you blink? You may have missed it. Look again. Yep, that's the mini-kitch. :O) And I love it. But, to pay homage to our love for bikes - especially Bianchi - we updated the kitch w/ a fresh coat of Celeste paint....


See what fun a little IKEA and Home Depot can create?? Next up, bathroom!!!

Kristy Kreme

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