Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brett Favre, Eat My Shorts!

So, we all know Brett Favre is some super-star, playing through thick and thin, sick or well, and produced some amazing stats to carry him to all-star and Hall of Fame status. Well, like I said, he can eat my shorts.

Just recently, I finished my 100th bike race!!! Not only was it my 100th bike race in just over 2 years, in ALL categories (time trial, road, criterium, mountain, cyclocross, and ice racing....start munchin' BREEAAATTT!) Oh wait...there's more!!! It was 100 races entered, 100 races completed!!!
That's right - 100% completion ratio!!!

100 races of all types, in multiple states, in more than one country....and never giving up. No dropping out, no tucking my tail between my legs, no excuses. So I'm sure there are some pompous clowns out there saying to their computer monitors "Yeah, Cat 4 woman...that's not hard...that's no big deal"... well, I fart in their general direction!

My first race - Henderson Time Trial 2006. Breakfast: blueberry bagel and milk duds. Finish: 3rd from last overall. I was so immediately hooked, I started Cross racing on a mountain bike w/ platform pedals and tennis shoes.
My sixth race - Chilly Chili Ice Race 2007. Temps: 8 degress F!!!!! The coffee froze, it was my first mtn bike race....and I pulled off a sweet 2nd place thanks to some sweet homemade studded tires!

First TT Win - my second Black Dog, racing the Women's Stock category. Through some major dedication and improvements that summer, I pulled off the overall victory in the Women's Stock category.

Most EPIC Road Race: The Amateur Tour of Flanders in 2007 - out there by myself, engaged for all of 18 hours, I traveled non-stop along the Belgian country side over the 75K race/ride.

First Citizen Road Win - Spam Jam 2007!!! Took 1st in the Women's Overall and raised up my arms proud as I cross the line (just one week after I learned how to ride no handed).

Coldest Road Race - 2008 Ken Woods - battled snow, sleet, icy roads, 30 degree temps, and 30+mph wind gusts!!!

First Photo Finish - 2008 Dakota crit - took 2nd place in a sprint finish by 1/2 a wheel length.

First MCF TT & Road Race Wins - Tour of Granite City Stage Race 2008!!!! After a lightening fast TT for the win, I struggled in the crit (taking 6th). Luckily, I came back the next day with fire in my legs, taking the win over 8 women in the last 1k of the race!!! Jay was there to video tape the whole thing and celebrate with me.

Fastest I've Ever Gone: 40.2 MPH!!! This year at the Sprinter's Classic I won the field sprint to take 2nd place while going 40.2MPH!!!
First (& only) mountain bike victories: 2008 Laddies Loppet - on the first day, I won the Citizen Women's TT!!! Then I came back and won the Citizen Men's/Women's Criterium, and took the Citizen Women's Omnium win.

Toughest Triumph Over My Bike: 2008 Cheq Short Fat - 2.5 miles into the 16 mile mountain bike race, I got a rear flat on my single speed MUSS...and I rode it. Yep, I rode that flat tire w/o stopping for 14 miles!!! I never looked back or second guessed it.

Coolest Trophies -TTY 2007 cube------Spam Jam Trophy-----Single Speed Champ 2007 granite stone/cog trophy-----Rum River CX rail road spike (2nd place 2008)

100th Race: The Hudson CX race 2008 - got the Hollywood hole shot, and happily finished in 3rd place.
Best thing of all....I've loved every silly, fun, painful, and tough moment of it. And here we are, 102 races entered/completed and counting. What's next? 103, I guess.

Kristy Kreme


donna said...

i can see why you are proud but why knock another athlete at the cost of appearing egomaniacal-congrats you deserve it..hope it is as much fun for you as it is a challenge. Packer Fan & Brett Favre Fan donna

Kristy Kreme said...

Donna, I appreciate your comment. Hopefully most people can see the simple humor in the title more than anything. As a beginner racer, I in no way compare myself to uber-rich pro athletes...it was honestly the first title that popped into my head and it made me giggle. What can I say, Bart Simpson has some great one-liners.
Peace, Love, and Cycling,
Kristy Kreme