Monday, October 20, 2008

Wood Wedding Extravaganza!!!

Yep, Hwood and I finally tied the knot!

After a 1 1/2 year engagement, we finally did it....and I couldn't have imagined any wedding more perfect. Our beautiful October day was radiant, as the sunlight electrified the changing leaves on the trees at the Theodore Wirth chalet. Anything and everything fell in to place as planned (sans my matron of honor forgetting her dress at home....but her super spouse ran back home to get it while we got dolled up at the salon).

Hiding out in the back room of the upstairs Fireplace Room, us gals got ready and hung out as the boys decorated the ceremony and got their photos taken by none other than THE Kelly Mac and her rockstar sister, Kristie. Although the Fireplace Room was warm and welcoming on it's own, with it's walls of windows, hardwood floors, and dark wood beams on the ceiling, the guys, Megan and Cassi dialed it up to 11 by lining the isle with freshly fallen leaves, lit candles along the mantle, and decked out the program tables with glass beads. The moment I peaked through the back door, tears welled in my was beautiful! Once I get the pics back, I'll be sure to update the blog.
Once the ceremony began, the excitement grew immensely. On cue, my father escorted me down the isle towards the most handsome of all men I've ever Jay. Though neither of us cried as we read the vows we wrote to each other, tears danced in our eyes and caused our throats to tighten around our most heart-felt words.

After we were pronounced husband and wife, Jay and I were serenaded as we walked down the isle arm in arm as his brother, John, and friend, Randy, played "It's a Long Way to the Top if You Want to Rock n Roll" by AC/DC on electric guitar and bagpipes. Yep, I said bagpipes. That, and Jay and I 'danced' along on our bicycle made for two...Since our ceremony was small, we carried the party over to the reception with a little panache...
Jay and I rode into our reception on the bike as his brother wailed on the bagpipe and Randy kicked it along with Slip Twister to our same AC/DC anthem! After a few loops on the dance floor (which I politely ended by grabbing the breaks before throwing up from getting too dizzy), Jay and I dismounted to find the whole room full of the people we love, on their feet, clapping to the music! It was the most inspiring moment and, had I known how spectacular that moment would have been, I would have insisted on having the video camera on hand to document what WE saw.... it was the most touching moment and I'll never forget it.

The food was amazing, the toasts brought tears to our eyes, and the first dance was all ours.... for a girl who never dreamed of how her wedding would be, I had everything I could have ever imagined. My amazingly handsome and wonderful husband was there by my side, our families were there to celebrate our love, our friends were there to celebrate and drink and ride the bike like maniacs (yes, we're taking donations to help cover bike-related damages at Earle Brown).

Me, Megan, and Cassi.......Together we DO rock!

Me and MommaMe and Daddy
Even Sheila couldn't resist the action!.....Terri, Jay, and Randy test ridin'
Dorothy and Jay share in the fun

Zeto and the not-so-typical Runaway Bride

So far, we've only got pics from my camera, my Aunt Sue's, and Leslie's ready to go.....but don't know the vid is coming soon!!!!

It feels like I've just won some type of Emmy with all the people I'd like to thank....but most of all, I thank our parents. For loving us, for supporting us, and for helping make this magical dream come true. We honestly could NOT have done this without you. Dad, Mom, Sheila, Randy, Dorothy and Bob - we love you with all of our hearts!!! Our friends and family that helped and enjoyed the fun....thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Until next time....Love life. Love your loved ones. Love every moment.
Let the wonder and love that surrounds you make you glow.

Kristy Kreme Henderson


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kristy and Jay!!!!
B & B

CB said...

Congrats the night was perfect for you two. Can't wait to get together soon

BK said...

I just stumbled on your blog. I hadn't heard the whole wedding story and reading your blog was super cool. The leaves in the aisle--what a nice touch. Congrats to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Kristy and Hollywood, way too kool. Keep your skin up and your tires down. RIDE ON!