Friday, October 3, 2008


With just over a week to go until my much-aniticipated wedding day, I can't help but realize the fortune in my life. I sit here on a Friday night, watching old episodes of "My So Called Life" on the computer, reminiscing in days long passed. And one thing was so obvious in the classic reruns...

In our youth, we spend our time loving and pining after people who don't love us as deeply. We pour our heart and souls out in romantic guestures, waiting for someone to reflect the depth of love we feel (or at least think we feel).

And then something wonderful happens. After years and years of heartache and mistakes, we find that one soul on Earth that yearns for us as passionately as we yearn for them. We find in existance someone who amplifies our life to the world, and makes the sky multi-color. We find in some stranger, some day, the secrets to that which makes us whole.... And, if we're smart enough to act and wise enough to see the splendor in front of us, we find a way to make the magic real.

There's this time in life when all the kharma of breakups and bad relationships comes back to reward us with smiles that never seem to end and fairy tail endings... it brings us that "Hollywood" romance we'd been told was just a dream... But in my case, it was real beyond the wildest imagination.

To the moment I decided to by a bicycle, and to the man who fell as hard as I did..... Thanks. To remain childlike and never give up on fairy tales is a dream come true in itself.

Happily counting down the minutes,
Kristy Kreme

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about writing a romance novel? You amaze me! May your big day be everything you desire and deserve!
Sherry Berde Townsend