Monday, January 14, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Flaming

What's worse, when nursing a mind (and arm) numbing injury, than to get kicked around like a hackey sack at work for days on end?? I've been with my company for 3 years now, having worked my way up to management from entry level in no time. 6 months ago, I took a promotion and relocation that I was thrilled about.....6 months later, it all falls apart. I can manage my checkbook just fine, but people? Who knew it could be so difficult. Don't get me wrong, I love %$&, but my ego's a little bruised. To understand more about why I feel like I've been beaten with socks full of oranges, you'll have to stay tuned. Until the Prez makes the formal press release, I'll have to suffer in silence.

So, to celebrate my shortcomings, we went bowling! No, not really, it just happened to fall during the same miserable week (don't worry, I know this is a happy blog....keep with me, we'll get back to fun, I just needed a mini rant). Jay was the most wonderful guest - making new friends and having a blast with complete strangers! His independence is one of my most favorite traits - I get to simply enjoy him. No babysitting at work functions.

Jay made quick friends with Justin, another $&% hubby. We cheered him on as he went from a double gutter first frame, to Dude-like strikes and spares.
Although we were having a blast, we cut out early to attend Hurl's 40th Bday Bash at One on One. Just like any and all parties at One on One, this one was hoppin! And the fab Bday boy was having a great time. Happy Birthday Hurl!!! There were pinatas.....

And it just wouldn't be a One on One party without FIRE!
But, best of all, it's getting to share fun memories with friends.
It's friends (and fiancees) like these that help melt away the stress in life. Great belly laughs, smiles that threaten to tear the center of your's a release in your soul, allowing you to remember what life is all about. Thank you to all my friends and loved ones who make my world a better place.

Forever in love,
Kristy Kreme

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CB said...

If I had know all that had come down this week, I would have gone to the bowling party for more moral support for you. Instead we were washing our walls and replacing a microwave that started on fire. Call me