Monday, September 24, 2007

Great Escape and Single Speed State Championships

Saturday was the Great Escape Mtn bike race and the Single Speed State Championships in St. Cloud. Jay, the Chucker, and I headed up early so Jay and I could take the SS's out and play in the dirt!
Custom MUSS

Short n Sweet - the race was hell for the first lap. I got into the single track in the top 50% of the mixed Single Speeders, creating the perfect atmosphere for crabby boys following me down the trail. The track was tight, and I wound up getting crashed out 4 times by some uber aggressive boys. Once the boys, the ornery geared ladies, and the clydesdales blew by this citizen single speeder (in a sport race), the course was finally fun. Twists and turns undulated beneath a blanket of fall leaves. I think I was the only one who noticed the pink leaves that covered the ground in the 3rd or 4th section of the course, and that's no prob with me. It reminds me that I'm out there to have fun.
I rode my best pace for the entirety of the race and it paid off - I finished 2nd in the State Championships - taking home a sweet granite trophy with a 40-tooth chain ring wedged in the top!Thanks for the pic, Ray!

Jay rocked a sweet 2nd place in the men's race, completely on top of his game! Kaveh, the Killer, Rahimi finished not far behind in 11th!

Hollywood/Silver Cycling as a whole rode amazingly!

Top Comp Finishers:
Jake Richards - 3rd (Juniors 12-19)
Tim "Chucker" Norrie - 2nd (Men 30-39)

Top Expert Finishers:
Sam Oftedahl - 3rd (19-34)
Eric Oftedahl - 7th (19-34)
Matt Muyers - 2nd (35+)
Hollywood Henderson - 8th (35+)


Kyia said...

Kristy, bummer to hear about the uber aggressive. I hate that when that happens. I saw the pink/red leaves today, sort of missed them on Sat...Thanks for coming up for the races, you kicked rear. We have another granite trophy for you and Jay: Best of Both, sort of forgot to hand them out with all of the excitement..Evel will drop them off at the shop.

christopher said...

Way to go. I too, am all about riding my own pace on dirt. It usually pays off on lap 3 or 4 when everyone else is dying and I fly by on the hills.

Where's M-U-D-H-E-A-D, Mudhead, That's Me?

FunSizeSnack said...

I found a link to your site and just had to leave a comment, because I just love your blog name; in the past I've organized relay teams under the name "The Krispy Kremes" as an homage to my favorite deep-fried treat!

I'm sorry to hear about the crabbies on the race courses. I just started mountain biking again this year (loving it!), and am starting to build up my nerve to race come spring for just that reason--oh 'tis so stressful to get passed!

Good for you for getting out there! Love the blog :)